Sales conditions Sales conditions

Sales Conditions
The ticket purchase contract is entered into only by and between you and the airline as soon as the airline sends the confirmation of your booking acceptance via e-mail or sms. By confirming the purchase order, you authorise Full Company 2.0 S.r.l.s to send your personal data to the airline providing the flight service granting the correctness of provided data.

According to fares and carrier, the ticket could be non-cancellable, refundable or could be subject to limitations as regards date or flight changes.

Full Company 2.0 srls waives any liability in case of flight cancellation, and/or flight delay by Carriers. The latter being fully responsible for the air transport performance and nothing can be claimed to Full Company 2.0 srls in this regard. Full Company 2.0 S.r.l.s. must, moreover, be indemnified against any liability for disputes arising further to the performance of said transport.

Contract Conditions and Restrictions

Booking Confirmation

After finishing the payment procedure, your booking will be confirmed by sending an e-mail or sms with the booking code relevant to the booked flights together with the details of the chosen route. Remember that your booking will be confirmed only as soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail or our sms message. Our website allows you to book only flights for which an e-ticket is issued. This means that you simply need to communicate the booking code you received via e-mail or sms at the check-in desk and to show a valid ID.

Non-arrival of the booking confirmation.

Full Company 2.0 srls undertakes to send the confirmation according to the afore mentioned procedures within 12 hours from your booking. If no communication has arrived by said deadline please contact our customer care centre.


Passengers have to show up at the airport at the check-in desks two hours before the booked flight departure in order to perform check-in operations. According to the carrier, check-in desks can close between 30 and 40 minutes before the flight departure. Passengers arriving at the check-in late, will not be accepted on board and will not be entitled to any refund. If willing to take a subsequent flight, passengers have to make a new booking paying the relevant fare. If passengers show up at he check-in beyond the above-mentioned deadline, the carrier reserves the right to cancel the seat booking for that passenger

In the event that documents shown by the passenger are not valid, or if the name of the passenger recorded in the booking does not correspond to the name written on the ID shown, the carrier will refuse boarding and the passenger will not be entitled to any refund.

Passengers have to show up at the check-in desk with a valid ID and the Booking Reference Number communicated by the carrier upon booking confirmation

Travel documents

Passengers shall make sure to have a valid ID and any other document requested by customs or immigration authorities at each destination. Any fine, penalty, expense, cost due to irregularities in travel documents shall totally be at passenger's expense. Passengers are suggested to turn to the immigration authorities of the country of destination for any information in this regard, before booking the ticket.

In the event that documents shown by the passenger are not valid, or if the name of the passenger recorded in the booking does not correspond to the name written on the shown ID, the carrier will refuse boarding and the passenger will not be entitled to any refund.

As an example, for domestic and international flights within the European Union the identity card has to be shown. In all other cases passengers simply need to show a passport and, if needed, an entry visa.

Passenger name change, route change

Some airlines allow passenger name or route change on a purchased e-ticket. This is usually possible upon payment of a penalty or of an extra charge varying according to the carrier and the booked fare.


These changes have to be requested by calling our call center at the relevant hours.

Booking cancellation

Most carriers do not envisage any refund further to booking cancellation. For any information, please call our call center at the relevant hours.

Wrong flight date and/or hour selection

Once the ticket has been confirmed, carriers do not allow making changes and/or cancellations free of charge.

Therefore, Full Company 2.0 srls recommends to carefully check that selected flights actually match your request - and that the entered personal data are correct, waiving any liability for damages.

If mistakes are made during booking, users shall urgently call our call center that will try to promptly make the changes.

Air transport conditions and safety provisions

Air transport within the Italian territory is subject to: the provisions of the Italian Code of Maritime Law ; the laws and restrictions of liability envisaged by Regulation (EC) n. 2027/97; the General National Conditions of Transport (Passengers and baggage) that are available for consultation at airports or carrier's agencies; il vettore; ai regolamenti del vettore; carrier's regulations. For passengers travelling to or through a country different from the country of origin, transport is subject to liability rules as per Regulation (EC) n. 2027/97, and, for anything else that might not be envisaged in it, to the provisions known as the Montreal Convention.

According to current legislation, in case of air transport strikes, carriers will operate regular airline domestic and international flights scheduled and recorded in the time-schedule and in the time band from 07h00 AM to 10h00 AM and from 06h00 PM to 09h00 PM, as well as further connections to the islands that shall be identified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, as indispensable to grant the mobility of air transport users. Useful information on ensured flights in case of strike, as well as on other flights that might be operated depending on the kind of ongoing strike, will anyway be promptly provided, from time to time, through information bodies.

New safety rules for hand baggage

While preparing your baggage, please bear in mind that there is no restriction for liquids inserted in the aircraft hold baggage (that is the baggage delivered at the check-in to be taken back at the arrival airport). For hand baggage, instead, that is the baggage being shown at the airport security check points, liquids are allowed only in small quantity. Liquids include water and other drinks, soups, syrups, creams, lotions and oils, perfumes, spray cans, gels (including gel hair and shower products), content of pressure containers (including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants), paste materials (including toothpaste, mixtures of liquid and solid materials), mascara and any other product having the same consistency. The above-mentioned products shall not be contained in the baggage.

They shall, in fact, be put in containers having the maximum capacity of 100 millilitres (1/10 of litre) each, or equivalent (for ex.: 100 grams), and said containers shall be then inserted in a transparent and reclosable plastic bag, having a capacity not above 1 litre (or having a size, for example, of about 18 x 20 cm). The bag containing the relevant content shall be closable (i.e. containers shall smoothly enter in it).

Each passenger (including infants) shall be allowed to carry one, and just one, plastic bag of the afore mentioned size. Drugs and prescribed dietetic liquids as well as children's food can be carried outside of the bag and are not subject to any volume restriction. In order to streamline checks at the Airport, it is mandatory to show to security staff members, all liquids carried as hand baggage in order to let them be controlled.

For further information passengers are kindly requested to visit the ENAC website (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile - National Civil Aviation Agency) at

RIGHTS FOR DISABLED AND REDUCED MOBILITY AIR PASSENGERSFrom 26 July 2007 airlines (and their agents or tour operators) cannot refuse to accept a reservation from a passenger or deny them boarding on the grounds of disability or reduced mobility, from and to a EU airport, provided that these passengers have a valid ticket and reservation.

The refusal to accept the booking or denied boarding can be only grounded on safety reasons or if the size of the aircraft or of its large doors make boarding or travel physically impossible.

In this case, the airline shall immediately inform the Passenger on the refusal grounds and, on the interested person's request, it is bound to formalize said grounds in writing, within and not later than five working days.

The airline shall make its safety provisions available as well as any restriction.

Disabled or reduced mobility Passengers and any accompanying person, to whom boarding has been refused, are offered by the airline a ticket compensation or an alternative flight.

The Regulation covers:

- all (airline and not airline) flights from or through a EU airport;
- all (airline and not airline) flights from a Third-country airport on arrival to a EU airport, if the airline operating the flight is a EU airline.

Enac has been designated by the Italian State as the body in charge of respecting the rights of disabled and reduced mobility Passengers.

In case of infringement upon the regulations in force, Passengers have to send their complaints first to the airline.

Subsequently, if the complaint on the supposed infringement is not properly dealt with by the airline, Passengers can formally complain to Enac - Direzione Centrale Regolazione Tecnica - Via di Villa Ricotti, 42 - 00161 Roma.

Any request for information can be sent to the following e-mail address:

The full enforcement of the Regulation, envisaging other forms of protection and assistance shall start on 26 July 2008.

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